Property Management Company Serving Rochester Home Investors

CEM Properties LLC is a full service property management company specializing in maximizing our investors’ cash flow from their rental portfolio. CEM operates in the City of Rochester, NY and surrounding Counties.

Property Management Rochester

Your Rochester investment properties will produce the highest income for you by empowering our property management team to help manage all the facets of home rentals and tenant relations

CEM was founded by real estate attorneys and real estate agents to offer an alternative to “I have no idea what and why I’m being charged” complaints, “back of an envelope” accounting and the lack of integrity and professionalism from property management providers. CEM’s business model was designed to maximize information and customer service and minimize investor involvement in the day to day management of their properties.

If you purchased real estate to be a long term income generating investment, our approach to property management is complementary to your investment strategy. For example, when repairs are needed, we investigate the most cost effective long term solutions, not just the cheapest. Refinishing hardwood floors rather than installing new carpets may be an alternative solution that saves investors’ money in the long term. Cutting corners may save immediate money, but the cheapest band-aid solution usually ends up costing more.

We have developed excellent working relationships with all of the various governmental entities that may impact your investment. From building codes and certificates of occupancy to the entities that provide rental assistance to some of your tenants, such as DSS and Section 8, we know their procedures and requirements so that we can maximize rents and minimize vacancies when those agencies are involved.