Q: How soon can you start managing my home?

Answer: We can start the process immediately. We will start by obtaining some information about you and your property and helping you decide if we are a good fit for your needs. One of our account managers will schedule a time to view the property and work with you to sign our Property Management Agreement. With your consent, we can also contact any current property managers to retrieve as much information as possible.

Q: Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my property and how is it determined?

Answer: The owner pays for maintenance and repairs, unless the tenant has agreed to assume responsibility. In that case, we will seek reimbursement on your behalf from the tenant. CEM Properties, LLC deals with a large volume of property, and we can normally contract at considerable savings to you for repairs and maintenance. Our goal is save you money whenever possible without compromising the integrity of the work.

For ordinary maintenance and repairs of less than $500, we take care of it without notifying you. You will find out when you receive your monthly statement. If we think a repair might exceed $500, we will call you and let you know what is happening, what we think should be done, and what the estimated cost might be. Sometimes expenses such as a replacing a bad water heater, a roof leak that needs patching or repair, or emergency plumbing and furnace repairs are unavoidable. In those cases where 1) the health or safety of a tenant is an issue, or 2) in instances where there is only one option to consider or 3) the property will incur damage if immediate action is not taken, the property manager will initiate the repair work, even if it is higher that the $500 limit, and then let you know of the situation and what we are doing about it. Mainly, we don’t think important repairs should be delayed while we try to contact you for permission to do the obvious.

Q: What determines the rent for my property?

Answer: Ultimately the rent is determined by what the market will bear. We look at comparable rental units, market aggressively and balance filling quickly with filling at the highest possible rent. We will discuss with you to your rental goals and work to rent your units accordingly.

Q: What type of rental properties do you manage?

Answer: We specialize in residential rentals and can handle your single family homes, multi-plexes, and apartments.